Intended Learning Outcomes

Section 1 (Introduction and review of respiratory physiology)

Introduction to cardiopulmonary physiotherapy

Review of respiratory physiology: mechanics of breathing

Review of respiratory physiology: ventilation and perfusion relationship

Oxygen therapy

Humidification and inhalation therapy

Section 2 (Physiotherapy assessment and cardiopulmonary physiotherapy intervention)

Understanding spirometry

Assessment of respiratory function

Data used to determine the level of respiratory function

Airway Clearance Techniques

Techniques to improve lung volume and ventilation

Role of Physiotherapy in Pre and post-surgical care

Section 3 (Management of COPD, pulmonary rehabilitation and paediatric care)

Management of patients with COPD

Management of patients with lung cancer

Pulmonary rehabilitation and exercise prescription

Physiotherapy management of paediatric patients

Prescribing breathing devices in respiratory care

Section 4 (Cardiac rehabilitation)

Contemporary concepts of cardiac rehabilitation

Role of physiotherapy in phase I cardiac rehabilitation

Phase II cardiac rehabilitation -Assessment and goal setting

Role of physiotherapy in exercise prescription for Phase II cardiac rehabilitation

Management of patients with chronic heart failure

Section 5 (Physiotherapy in ICU care)

Introduction to ICU care

Monitoring in the ICU

Principle of mechanical ventilation

The manual hyperinflation technique

Ventilator hyperinflation

Role of physiotherapy in ICU care

Physiotherapy documentation

Physiotherapy documentation