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Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy – the fundamentals

The Course Content has been accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Council.

Course Introduction

Purpose of the course

This course is designed for:
1. Practicing physiotherapists – As refresher material for physiotherapists who have not been working in the cardiopulmonary physiotherapy discipline for a prolonged period.
2. Physiotherapy educators – As a guide for development or delivery of a contemporary cardiopulmonary physiotherapy curriculum.
3. Physiotherapy students – As supplementary material to enhance their understanding of the concepts of cardiopulmonary physiotherapy and appreciate the role of a contemporary practicing physiotherapist in countries where physiotherapy is a developed profession.

About this course

This course is a series of lectures delivered in Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese) as pre-recorded video PowerPoint presentations written in both Chinese and English. (A full English version can be made available). There are 28 topics in 5 sections, presenting essential knowledge in various aspects of cardiopulmonary physiotherapy. The topics cover a concept-review of respiratory physiology, oxygen therapy, inhalation therapy, physiotherapy assessment and intervention, the role of the physiotherapist in pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation, the management of patients before and after surgery, and patient management in the intensive care unit.
This course provides participants an opportunity to gain the essential theoretical knowledge required for the practice of cardiopulmonary physiotherapy. Upon completion of this course, participants who pass the associated assessment should understand the theoretical knowledge base necessary for a cardiopulmonary physiotherapist to deliver both preventative and definitive contemporary management of a client who is either, at risk of, or enduring a cardiopulmonary disorder.

Delivery & assessment format

1. Content: - online delivery of recorded lectures. Estimated duration 28 hrs. All participants are expected to complete the course in about 4 months.
2. Discussion: - a monthly online seminar will be organised for discussion purposes. The seminars will also permit progress monitoring and solicit feedback.
3. Assessment:- after registering for the course, an assessment of understanding of the material covered in each of the 5 sections will be conducted at the end of the 4th month. The assessment will include MCQ format and case-based questions.

Course Topics

Section 1 (Introduction and review of respiratory physiology)

- Introduction to cardiopulmonary physiotherapy
- Review of respiratory physiology: mechanics of breathing
- Review of respiratory physiology: ventilation and perfusion relationship
- Oxygen therapy
- Humidification and inhalation therapy

Section 2 (Physiotherapy assessment and cardiopulmonary physiotherapy intervention)

- Understanding spirometry
- Assessment of respiratory function
- Data used to determine the level of respiratory function
- Airway Clearance Techniques
- Techniques to improve lung volume and ventilation
- Role of Physiotherapy in Pre and post-surgical care

Section 3 (Management of COPD, pulmonary rehabilitation and paediatric care)

- Management of patients with COPD
- Management of patients with lung cancer
- Pulmonary rehabilitation and exercise prescription
- Physiotherapy management of paediatric patients
- Prescribing breathing devices in respiratory care

Section 4 (Cardiac rehabilitation)

- Contemporary concepts of cardiac rehabilitation
- Role of physiotherapy in phase I cardiac rehabilitation
- Phase II cardiac rehabilitation -Assessment and goal setting
- Role of physiotherapy in exercise prescription for Phase II cardiac rehabilitation
- Management of patients with chronic heart failure

Section 5 (Physiotherapy in ICU care)

- Introduction to ICU care
- Monitoring in the ICU
- Principle of mechanical ventilation
- The manual hyperinflation technique
- Ventilator hyperinflation technique
- Role of physiotherapy in ICU care

Physiotherapy documentation

- Physiotherapy documentation

Who can join the course?

Participants in this course must be either:

  1. Physiotherapists recognised by World Physiotherapy (previously known as WCPT) as ‘a physiotherapist in China’, i.e.
    • a graduate of physiotherapy programs accredited by WCPT (Kunming Medical University, Sichuan University, Shanghai University of TCM, Fujian University of TCM, Capital Beijing University, Shanghai Tongji University);
    • a graduate of the MPT programs conducted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan;
    • a graduate of the MPT program conducted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Sichuan University;
    • graduates of the ‘one-off’ 2015 Chinese Physical Therapist Online Course organised by CARM and endorsed by WCPT.


  2. Physiotherapists who have graduated outside China in countries who are member organisations of World Physiotherapy.
  3. Students registered in a university with ‘Physiotherapy’ in the programme title

NB. Proof of status as mentioned above in points 1-3 must be produced, i.e. a copy of the graduate certificate or certificate of the 2015 Chinese Physical Therapist online Course.

Course Fees

Individual participants

AUD1,000 per person for the full package


Academic staff package

Please contact Alice Jones at for the group package pricing



Upon completion of the course and passing the examination
A certificate will be awarded to those who pass assessments in all 5 sections, indicating that the participant has understood the necessary theoretical knowledge required to practice cardiopulmonary physiotherapy.

Successful candidates

The candidates listed have completed the course and successfully passed the exit examination

Name                                     Affiliation in Chinese                                           Affiliation in English 

刘芳 Liu Fang        深圳大学第一附属医院(深圳市第二人民医院)    The First Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen                                                                                                              University (Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital)张伟Wei Zhang                   云南大学附属医院                                    Affiliated Hospital of YunNan University


Still Thinking?


This course is not sponsored and/or incentivised in any way by any manufacturer and/or retailer and/or agent of any of the generic medical products, commonly available in all major hospitals, used for demonstration purposes during the course. Furthermore, there is no intended promotion of any specific product during the course. There is no conflict of interest associated with delivery of this course.