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Introduction to
Clinical Education

The Course Content has been accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Council.

Course Introduction

Purpose of the course

Education is the cornerstone of the physiotherapy profession because ongoing development of the profession relies on quality clinical education which will ultimately improve the standard and quality of patient care. Therefore, it is necessary that clinicians who are in the position of a clinical educator, especially those relatively inexperienced with student education, be provided with an opportunity to engage in a comprehensive education program and be conscious of the essential skills required of an effective clinical educator.

This 2-day workshop was designed to provide opportunities for clinical educators and potential clinical educators to receive a standardised training to equip them with core skills and characteristics that will enable them to become quality clinical educators. For more detailed content of the workshop, please refer to the page on topics and intended learning outcomes

Course Topics

Day 1

- Introduction to clinical education
- Structure of Physiotherapy education and preparation of students for clinical education
- Role of clinical educators
- Core clinical education skills for CE
- Putting theory into practice
- Assessment of student performance during clinical placements
- Implementation of APP
- Using APP to facilitate learning
- Scoring student performance using the APP

Day 2

- Introduction of feedback literacy
- Preparation for a feedback session
- Skills required to provide quality feedback
- Video examples of provision of feedback
- Recognizing behaviour of challenging students
- Managing challenging situations
- Videos on management of a failing student
- Discussion of challenging case scenarios


This workshop is organised by AAJ Healthed Pty Ltd. and has received Continuing Professional Development Accreditation from The Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC) for the period April 2024-April 2029. See Certificate of Accreditation.

Certificate of Achievement

Participants who completed this 2-day workshop and pass a post-workshop test will be awarded a certificate from AAJ Health Education Pty. Ltd. (see sample)

Target Audience

Qualified physiotherapists interested in clinical education, or currently working as a clinical educator and/or intending to engage in clinical education.

Delivery Format

This workshop can be delivered in a face-to-face format or via zoom.

Contact Us

Please contact us at to discuss the delivery format and costs appropriate for you/your organisation.


This course is not sponsored and/or incentivised in any way by any manufacturer and/or retailer and/or agent of any of the generic medical products, commonly available in all major hospitals, used for demonstration purposes during the course. Furthermore, there is no intended promotion of any specific product during the course. There is no conflict of interest associated with delivery of this course.